Sunday, February 7, 2010

Daniel ahoy !

So, what do you think about my new boat? no, we haven't moved to a house-boat and haven't gone on vacation yet ... but, as I was a bit sad because dad had to go on a business trip to India and is not going to be home for a while, mom took me to a very cool place to cheer me up.

Loads of toys, a pool full of colorful balls, slides and... a big boat ! can't you think of a better plan for a Sunday? I still missed daddy a lot but at least I had a lot of fun climbing, sliding, jumping and, of course, sailing :-)

In the beginning I thought nobody would want to play with me because I was one of the small guys there... but everybody was very nice and I made a lot of friends !

By the end of the session I was totally exhausted but, still, I look forward to bringing dad once he is back so that I can take him for a ride in my boat.

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