Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monte de San Pedro

And the good weather continues ... well, at least till daddy comes home on Saturday :-) so we enjoy every day and go out for walks as often as we can.

I already told you about my wonderful experiences at the playground but, today, I want to tell you about the Monte de San Pedro, the most beautiful park in the world !

Green green grass, a lake and the most gorgeous views of La Coruna that you can ever imagine. I really love running up and down those hills, rolling around on the grass.

Then, when I am totally exhausted, we just go for a rest to the cafeteria where I can enjoy my bottle of milk while a watch the Hercules Tower and the Riazor Beach far away.

And it is even more fun when there is wind... You see? last week we went there for a walk and it was very windy so, after all the running, playing and chasing my hair was all messy.

Mom and the abuela where very thoughtful and took a comb to make me look pretty again so... after that... I also took the comb and styled up my dear friend Rocco. He looked so cute after the hair dressing session !

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bonilla a la vistaaaa !

Have you ever tried chocolate con churros? If you haven't, you are really missing something good and, if you have... you must come to Bonilla a la vista so that you can taste the best one in the world !

So far I have just been allowed to taste the churros (without sugar, of course) and a little little bit of chocolate that mom gave me the other day but I think that I have found a new favorite.

Mmmm, dad I look forward to have you in La Coruna again so that we can go together in the afternoon for some more churritos. I love living in China but clearly... I am going to miss this one when we go back home !!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Laxe is a small village just an hour drive away from La Coruna.

Mom and dad had already told me about the lovely port and the white sand beach but, after this weekend I also know that Laxe is great for something else... FUN !

On Sunday we did a day trip to Laxe because mom's friends "Los Candal" have a summer house there. So off we went in a car with auntie Ana, uncle Gonzalo and lovely Carmen.

The trip itself was a lot of fun as Carmen and I played a lot with my farm book. Have to say that I was really impressed with Carmen's ability to place everything (the carrot, the milk, the eggs,..) in the right place... she is so clever !

And when we arived to the house I just went crazy. Auntie Marieta and auntie Pili were there with uncle Fraser and uncle Jaime (hadn't seen them for such a long time!) and also my friends Jaime, Andrea, Carmen and Santiago and.... all those toys !!!
We just played everywhere all day long. By the pool, in the house, at the porche, down in the field, at the Indian house... we even played football and auntie Ana nearly scorded a goal to uncle Gon !

By 6.30 I was totally exhausted,... happy... but exhausted so we went back into the car for a lovely nap after saying bye to all my friends.
I was sad to leave but mom has already told me that we will be beack soon. Actually, looks like auntie Susi's family also lives in Laxe too ! didn't I tell you that it was a special place? so I already look forward to coming back for some more games :-)