Friday, June 17, 2011

Last day of kindergarten...

Today is the last day of school before we head to Spain so I am posting a couple of pictures.

The first one is a picture of my class: The Pixies.

We are a bit naughty and sometimes we drive our teachers a bit crazy but we can be very sweet and nice too !

And here you have a picture with Christina, my teacher. She is american and we get on very well. We love to sing together and I am totally in love with her bike. A very big one she parks every morning next to the school. Maybe one day she will lend it to me?

So, as you can see, I have a very nice group of friends here in Prague so, even if I am very happy to go to Spain for the summer.... I am going to miss them very much.

Will see you in September guys !!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Had I told you that one of my favorite hobbies is to chat on Skype? and... had i told you that one of my abuela's favorite hobbies is to take pictures of us while we talk?

Well... now you know about it ! Have a look at the picture she took this afternoon :-)

Good news is that from Saturday we won;t have to Skype with the abuelos anymore because.... we are going to Spain !!!!

A day at the playground

Hi guys, this is Daniel reporting from Prague.

I am a bit late with this post but didn't want to miss telling you about the lovely day we had @ the playground a couple of weeks ago.

The kindergarten organized a nice day out with all my friends and their moms... what a nice idea !

It started with an exciting trip to the playground... by bus ! Yes, it was my first time on a bus and have to say that, even though it was a short trip, I really enjoyed it a lot.

The indoor playground was really a great place. Loads of toys, slides and a big area to play with sand. We even had a nice "merendola" with cakes, sandwiches and other goodies !

I specially enjoyed riding my Thomas train. I am still trying to decide what I like better... buses... trains.... such a hard decision ! I think I just like them both :-)

We also had some organized games so I could show off my fishing skills and it was clear that I am a pro bowling too.

When we got home (after another ride on the bus.... yupppiiiii) mom and I enjoyed the nice weather at the park, laughing and rolling around on the grass.

What a nice way of ending a wonderful day !

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3 month check up

Can you believe that I am already 3 months old? time really goes fast, even when you are a baby :-)

So yesterday I went to the doctor for my big boy check up. This is my friend doctor Vanickova. She is really nice and we have a lot of fun together during the visits. She has all kind of interesting and cool toys to look into my ears, my eyes,....

Good news are that I am growing like a champ and healthy as lion !!!