Friday, June 28, 2013

New passports

This morning both Manuel and I went to the Police... No, don't worry... Nothing serious ;-) we just went I renew our passport !!!

It was a lot of fun putting the finger in the scan and, as I am already a big boy... I was able to sign by myself. So proud :-)

Kids fashion

Now it was my time to get smart and have my hair cut. Red... Yellow... Blue... What car should I pick?

Going to the hair dresser has never been so much fun... Well, not that much for dad who was not having a great time seeing my curls falling to the floor. He even picked some in a green bag !!!! Oh daddy....

Friday, June 21, 2013

Waiting for manuel

These days have been just great. I've had loads of fun with the abuelos and the tios going to the park, having chocolate con churros and even going into a rowing boat !!!

But, even if I have enjoyed a lot... I am still looking forward to seeing papa, mama and Manuel. Maybe they will arrive today?

End of School Year Party

Weeeeee did it !!!! Not that the weather feels like summer, but today is the end of the school year so Manuel and I got ready to get our certificates and show off all the hard work during the performance.

We had a lot of fun, sung at the top of our lungs and ate yummy snacks prepared by Erin and Louise.

Now... Looking forward to the summer camp!!! And the abuelos visit, of course :-)

Ready to board

Today we got up really early but that's ok because... We are on our way to La Coruna !!!

We are going to stay there for a week and I am very excited to see Daniel, and abuelos, and the tios. I also heard that the weather is going to be goo so I can't wait to go to the beach and to the pool.

In the meanwhile I will just enjoy the lounge at the airport. I didn't know the had so many biscuits :-)

La Coruna... Here I come !!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Swimming with Tío Kaki

Today tio has left the office early and we have gone together to the pool.

After so many months going to lessons every wednesday with mama, I really wanted to impress him with my swimming skills !!!

You see? Here I am warming up like a pro and then .... Splash ! We had a great time :)