Saturday, January 23, 2010

My 1st Birthday

After having some technical issues, I am finnaly able to report on a very special event that took place a couple of days ago... yes, last Saturday was my 1st birthday. Can't believe how time flies ! Looks like yesterday that I was in Mount Kisco, surrounded by snow and enjoying my first days in the world... and now.... look at me ! Already a grown up boy and living in Shanghai :-) isn't that cool?

So, to celebrate, my parents had a nice surprise party for me. A colorful "Happy Birthday" banner hanging from the door... a yummy carrot cake (watch it, first time I was allowed to try sugar !)... birthday cards... a nicely wrapped present and, best of all, a live connection with my abuelos and Grosseltern, complement of Skype ! after all... it is not every day that you turn 1 !!!

I really had a great time. There is nothing better than smashing a cake with your hands (believe me though, don't try putting the candels out with your fingers,... ouch!) and also had a lot of fun unwrapping my present (lovely walking shoes that I am going to use like a champ -- more to come about that in future posts :-)

By the end of the day I was totally exhausted but... I still had one more suprise waiting for me... bathing time with el tio Iñaki and tia Susi ! I am really starting to be very fond of that Skype.

What a nice day... can only say that I am looking forward to more birthdays.... actually, why don't we have birthdays more often? I think they are a lot of fun.

Ah ! btw, quiero aprovechar para mandarle un tiron de orejas bien fuerte a la tia Vero porque compartimos cumple. Tia, a ver si un año de estos lo celebramos juntos :-) Un beso.

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