Sunday, January 30, 2011

Art lesson

Had I told you already that in January I started going to the kindergarten?

Even if the first days I cried a bit (not a bad trick if you want to get some extra cuddles :-) I have a lot of fun every day !

We do a lot of different things... sing, dance, read, play outside with the snow... but last Tuesday was really great because they covered us with plastic aprons and.... off we went to do some painting ! But, hey, not just any kind of painting.... fine painting !

Mom and dad were really proud when I took home my first masterpiece and I was really happy because I made a total mess and had painting up to my ears :-)

Have to say that Kindergarten sounded a bit scary in the beginning but now I think that it is really cool. Can't wait to tell you all the things I do there... and about my new friends: Adriana, Kerian, Cis, Camille,...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I miss you dad !

Hola papi !

I know you are traveling this week. Mom has told me that you are very busy visiting cool places and meeting many people so I just wanted to tell you that I miss you a lot.

I am really looking forward to Friday when you come back home. I may be sleeping by then because I have a Carnival party at the kindergarten so I will be very tired... but can't wait till Saturday morning so that we can hug and kiss. Then we will just lay cozily by the window while I drink my milk... as we did last week.

Ich Liebe Dich !

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday !!!

Today is a very special day because it is my Birthday and.... I am already two years old !!!

Not sure why dad doesn't like his birthdays so much. I actually think that they are a pretty cool thing, specially after all the fun I had today.

As starters, I got plenty of cuddles and kisses in the morning and then we went for a nice walk around the area where we live... had a nice lunch and then.. off I went for a nice siesta.

What I didn't expect when I woke up was to have such a nice party waiting for me !!!

There was a big "Happy Birthday" banner hanging on the window and plenty of balloons to kick and throw around.

I really liked my presents and particularly enjoy playing with my new friend Elmo. He is going to show me everything about hugs !

El abuelo made a GREAT cake and I was allowed to eat all the cream... even with my fingers :-)

Because I haven't told you yet, but my suspicions proved to be more than right and I got really special visitors: el abuelo y la abuela !!! We are having a lot of fun together these days but I have to say that I am very happy to have them here for my birthday. I can't think of a better present !!!

Well, guys, I leave you now because I am pretty tired after such an exciting day. I will go now to bed so that I can dream of my cake, my friend Elmo, the music, the balloons...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prague: so much to discover !

It is cold... very cold.... definitively Prague is no city for sissys but, as you know, I am a tough guy.

And that means that whenever I have a chance I put on my woollies, jump into the stroller and off I go to face new adventures with mom and dad !

So far I can report that Prague is proving to be more than exciting. I am not surprised that it is the second city most visited in Europe ! (yes, for those curious enough.... Paris is the first one :-)

The city center is really really nice though it can get very crowded with tourist. Anyway, I am a local now so I am taking it step by step and discovering the hidden corners.

I will soon tell you more things about my favorite spots but i can already advance that the main square (Staroměstské náměstí) is just GREAT !

And... you know what? mom and dad have told me that during the coming days I will have the chance to do some extra sightseeing... will that be a clue? will I have some visitors? mmmm, I will tell you soon !

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year... New Life

From Shanghai.... to Prague... passing by Germany !

Yes, as you can imagine, I have been a busy lad lately so didn't have much time to blog but, don't worry... I'll tell you everything about it :-)

Dad got a new job and we had to relocate to Czech republic so on December 1st we took a plane from Shanghai to Prague. The previous weeks had been very busy because we had to get everything ready... pack... and one day, a lot of guys came home and, guess what they did...., they took all my toys away !!! Mom said I should not worry because I would get them back very soon... in our new home.

Saying goodbye to my friends (Adriana, Alba, Olivia, Emma, Thomas, Chupi, Curro), to Mr. Guo and specially to Shelly was not easy at all but knowing that they can follow my adventures in this blog and (who knows!) maybe we can meet at one point soon makes me feel much better.

We arrived to Prague in the middle of a BIG snow storm. It was the first time I had really seen snow and, believe me, I got plenty of it ! I really liked our new house and quickly chose the best spot in the living room overlooking Prague for my play area :-) Do you like the view?

On the very same day we arrived I had a great surprise: Oma, Opa and uncle Herbert came to see me from Germany ! They stayed with us for the rest of the week and helped us a lot get everything ready and clean.

Have to say that for some days I was a bit confused because I was feeling very tired in the middle of the day and then I was supposed to be asleep when I felt like playing so it was good to have so many people in the house to play with at the odd hours :-) My toys finally arrived after 3 days and, even if I still missed my friends, I already felt a bit more like home.

We went for Christmas to Germany and there I got... plenty of more snow ! Had a great time with my cousin Marcel there, playing cars all day long and eating Bretzel and Leberkäse.

I also talked a lot with the abuelo, the abuela, tio Inaki and tia Susy and... guess what !!! I got a great present from Santa !!! A big Spiderman quad !!! I must have really been a good boy and can't wait to go and ride around the park next to our new house.

So, yes, many changes in my life but so far so good. From now on, I will continue to report from Prague city. Will keep you guys posted :-)