Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Malaysia, truly Asia

I know I am a bit delayed with my blog but, ey... that's vacation after all, right? anyway, I am back and I better start from the beginning because there is a lot to tell.

It all started, as always, with some packing duty or... better said, mom & dad trying to pack and me messing around a bit :-) I actually didn't know that they were taking me to such an amazing place... otherwise I would have certainly made much less trouble !

After 4 hours flight, and some delay due to heavy Chinese New Year airport traffic, we finally made it to Kuala Lumpur International Airport last Friday night February 13. It was very late and I was very tired so I allowed myself a bit of fuss to fish for cuddles and then I went straight to bed.

Next morning I was ready to rock Kuala Lumpur. Well, maybe just some R&B because it was so hot and humid that took me a while to recover my energy.

First stop: Masjid Jamek, a beautiful mosque in the middle of the city. Mom and dad had to change cloths to cover themselves up for respect to the muslim religion and then... off we went to walk around the area. It was very hot though and mom was having trouble with the scarf on her head so we didn't stay much and then we went to stroll different areas of the city?

Little India, Sultan Abdul Samad building and Central Market for some local handicrafts. Not that I enjoy much the shopping but have to say that I did welcome a bit of air conditioning.

Was a long day so when we returned back to the hotel I did enjoy chilling out a bit while I enjoyed the view of the most important landmark in the city: the Petronas Towers. I always thought that Jin Mao building in Shanghai was really impressive but you should see the Petronas... so pretty... and it is two of them !

After that we got ready to go for dinner with Apsara, a friends of mom & dad and her boyfriend. It was a lovely evening and I liked them very much but I was not feeling very well so we had to return early to the hotel. The reason? guess who will soon have three more teeth ! yes, well... you know? in Bilbao, when we do something... we do it big !

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  1. Ohhh Daniel, auntie envies you so much!! You are in my homeland. It is just great to see familiar buildings in your pictures this time. Tell your mommy that she looks like a little red riding hood wearing that robe and scarf and I think she looks fab. It must be very hot too and you know what, I don't really miss being hot and humid anymore hhehe I hope you are enjoying your vacation
    and I wish I was there too... maybe next time!!

    Auntie Farisha