Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bye bye Thailand

Today is our last vacation day so I wanted to make a special blog post about it. I spent a lot of time at breakfast this morning thinking about all the things I wanted to tell you.

I have really enjoyed Thailand... the hotel was great, the beach, my long swims at the pool... but what I have enjoyed the most is spending so much time with mom and dad.

Now, as I look at the sea through the window while I tell mom what to write... I can only look forward to the next vacation.

But don't you think that all has been laying down and relaxing... there has been a lot of hard work involved ! I have done many things for the first time during this week:
  • Now I can crawl not only backwards... but also forward ! (quite useful when you try to reach for the webcam)
  • I have also learned how to pull myself up and stand in my crib. I was really happy about it but I don't think mom and dad appreciate this milestone that much.
And it doesn't end here.... this afternoon during a coffee break I even grabbed a croissant! Was so yummy that I hope my parents will take me soon to Paris to try some more. Maybe I can go to Fauchon to taste the almonds one my abuela likes so much :-)

So, this is all from Thailand. Tomorrow we will take a very early flight to go back to Shanghai, but I am not sad... because on Monday I will be able to play with my friend Shelly again.

I hope you have enjoyed my posts and, to close this chapter I add here a very nice picture of the 3 of us at the beach.

Don't we look good?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Riding the waves

Sun, fun at the beach and a looong nap... can you think of a better plan? Today was a great day.

When I woke up at 6.30 am the sun was already shining. Not that my parents agreed... but a day like this couldn't be spent sleeping. The fun already started at breakfast because now, every day, I practice grabbing bread and fruit with my fingers and taking the spoon into my mouth. After that, we went directly to the beach.

The sea was a bit more calm today but still plenty of waves to play with ! We forgot my hat in the bedroom so I had to wear mom's hairband... which just made me look even cuter :-)

Finally I convinced my parents that I was strong enough to go and fight some waves... what do you think? Dad and I had a lot of fun and I jumped so high that the waves couldn't touch me... well, kind of, because in the end... my diapers were full of sand !

I liked it so much that I didn't want to leave so we stayed playing with the waves for nearly an hour. I am a tough cookie but, as you can imagine, by the time we returned to the pool I was more than ready for my 3.30pm nap. So, while I was dreaming of my future life as a professional surfer in Hawaii... my parents enjoyed a nice massage by the pool. Not a bad life.

Ah ! as you can see I managed to change mom's hairband for a nice red bandana... now I only need a Harley ! maybe in my next vacation trip?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kata Beach

Right in front of our room there is a beautiful beach.

White sand, blue warm water and some fishes too! Now that I know how to swim I would love to go into the water and play with the waves but it is monsoon time here and there are strong currents... I am pretty sure it would be ok because I can move my legs pretty fast but I don't want my parents to be worried so I just do what they say and stay close to them like a good boy :-)

Every day we go for walks on the beach and mom takes me with her in the sling so that I don't get too tired but, ey, don’t you think that I am a lazy boy… I also do some exercise and walk around to play with the waves!

It is a pity that we can't go and swim at the beach but the good thing is that the waves are pretty big so I enjoy a lot looking at them from our room and also from the pool.

Sometimes there are surfers and I really think they are very cool. Maybe one day I can also be like them.

As a start I already have a surf outfit so I look a bit like them and I think girls like it too because... they look at me quite a lot every time I wear it!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

About Thai Spirit Houses

In the hotel, very close to our room and facing the ocean, I was surprised to see a nice house painted in white and yellow. In the begining I thought it was there for children to play with because it also had little figures inside, but then someone told me that it is a Spirit House (san phra phum).

That sounded pretty scary but then I realized that it is actually a good thing. Spirit Houses are very common here in Thailand and people have them everywhere (in the houses, offices,...). They ask a Brahmin priest what is the best place to put it and then they decorate it and make food offers so that the spirits stay in the house. This way, spirits will be happy and will not make mean things to them.

You see the picture? is not that my parents wanted to offer me as food for the spirits... the truth is that I just wanted to grab the coconut !

But tomorrow, when we go for breakfast... I am planning to take one of this small cute bananas and I will bring it to the house so that the spirits are happy and don't get into my room at night. Just in case...

Monday, October 5, 2009

A day trip to Phuket

Not very good weather today so mom and dad wouldn't let me go to the pool, instead... we went for a day trip to the town of Phuket.

We took the hotel shuttle and, even though there was a very loud Swiss lady sitting next to me, I managed to have a nice nap :-)

We went for lunch to a great nice place where a lot of local people were eating. Dad was happy because he finally had good "chicken sate" and he ate the whole plate alone while mom was feeding me. I have to say she didn't look happy when she turned round and found only a bunch of empty sticks !

I liked the waitresses at the restaurant a lot (I think it is in my genes) and they even took me to the kitchen ! it was my first time in a Thai kitchen and it really smelled very well. I think that, when I am older, I am going to like Thai food a lot !

Just outside of the restaurant there was a very nice building with many bright colors and figures. There was a very strong smell in the air and my parents told me that it was incense (I still like better the smell of the kitchen at the restaurant).

And, outside of the temple, I made another friend. Is not that I have seen many monks before.... but this one looked really cool, don't you think?

After that we went to a couple of shops and mom bough two pairs of very nice traditional Thai fisherman trousers. Unfortunately they didn't have my size... I will have to get some tailor made soon !

Sunday, October 4, 2009

ต้อนรับ ไปสู่ ประเทศไทย (Welcome to Thailand)

Yesterday we arrived to Thailand and we are going to stay here till next Sunday. Vacation !!!!

We are staying at the Katathani, a very nice hotel in Kata Beach. The place is great because it is just in front of the beach, it has nice pools, a lot of palm trees and very nice mini bananas at the breakfast buffet.

Our room is also very nice and I can see the ocean from my crib. But the best of all... is the little surprise who welcomed us when we arrived. Do you nlike my new elephant-friend?

I think this is going to be a great week and my parents and I are going to have a lot of fun. I will write again soon to tell you more about our time in Thailand.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A day in Century Park

Yesterday was raining a lot but today was beautiful and we spent the day in Century Park. It is the biggest park in Shanghai and we are very lucky because it is just a 5 minutes walk from home.

There is a very big lake with rowing boats, an amusement park, fields with sunflowers and many nice ponds with bridges and "nenufares". I really wanted to take one of the boats but I can't row yet so daddy has promised to row me around one day before it gets too cold :-)

As this is a vacation week there were maaaaany people in the park. A lot of families brought their lunch and had picnics sitting on the grass with blankets, a bit like the Spanish way but... without tortilla !!! It is funny because many of them had camping tends with them and I suspect that after lunch they went inside for a little siesta... not bad , uh?

Inside the park we found a great bonsai exhibition. In the begging I didn't know what a bonsai was but I was very happy because it was the first time I had seen trees as tall as me. I really liked them and I think we are going to get one for home so that I can take care of it.

At the bonsai garden we met a beautiful Chinese lady who was posing for pictures dressed in traditional clothes. She was very pretty and I liked her dress very much.

I think it is very common here for people to spend a whole day going to different places of the city and taking professional pictures with traditional clothes. Mom and I really want to do it too... wouldn't be fun to have cool pictures like this one?

Somehow I think that we will have to work hard on dad to convince him ...