Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monkey business

I already mentioned that when you get to Langkawi you feel as if you were in the middle of the jungle but.... you can't imagine how true that is !

The guy at the reception had already warned us about the monkeys, saying that we should be careful to close all windows but I think we didn't take him too serious and, actually, I think I even heard mom say... "oh, monkeys, isn't that cute?"

Next morning, when we went for our daily early walk at the beach we saw several of them walking next to us. They looked so nice and even got real close so that we could take some pictures!

Now.... what would be our suprise when we got back from our walk and saw that... we had been MONKEY-ATTACKED !!! Looks like we had closed the balcony but not fully locked it so the little buggers made a total mess of the room...

They had opened the fridge, eaten our food, played with our clothes and even s**** on the floor !!!

It really looked as if a tornado had passed through our room.... and then mom & dad complain and say that I make a mess !!! they should really have a word with those monkeys :-) I hope they now realize that I am quite an angel.

So, as it looks like, the guy at the reception was quite right about the monkey business... and.... maybe after all the monkeys at the beach weren't really trying to be cute but just checking that we were clearing the way!
Later that day we went for another walk and, of course, guess what we found... more monkeys!
Look at this beautiful family,... don't you even think that they look a bit like us? maybe they were the same guys who stormed into our room and were just trying to make up by posing for us but, looking at them, they look so cute that I think I even don't mind if they ate all my Cheerios !

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