Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A week in Langkawi

So, after a day in Kuala Lumpur we headed back to the airpot to catch a plane to Langkawi, our final destination.

I know that airports sound really boring for a lot of people but I have to say that I really like them because I always manage to find a lot of interesting people and have many adventures.
This time was specially nice because I think I found out what I want to be when I grow up: A CAPTAIN ! This time I didn't pilot the plane (after all I am still on vacation) but,... don't you think that the cap suits me really well? at least that what the crew I met at the restaurant thought !

And, after just one hour flight, we arrived in paradise: Langkawi.
There are a lot of people having vacation here in the island but I think that it still looks pretty wild... as if you are in the jungle. We are staying in a very nice hotel and the beach is just some steps away from our room.
Mom & dad are specially enjoying the food.... well, specially dad who eats Sate non-stop. But I think that's nothing new because mom has told me that last time they were in KL for uncle Michael and auntie Farisha's wedding... papa ate more than 40 sticks !!! can you believe that? I have to ask mom if they do sate potitos... I want to try that !!!

But what I enjoy the most is the water. Here is also very blue, like in Hainan, but... it is warm !
I really like that because I can go inside and stay there playing and swimming for a long while without getting cold.
And, as the water is so transparent, I can see the fishes and the little crabs while I swimm, isn't that nice?
I also enjoy going to the pool but I think I really like better the sea. Reminds me a bit to my time in Riazor, walking at the seafront with the abuelo and the abuela. Mmmm, yes, maybe I am a beach boy after all !

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