Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas !

An finally it was Christmas ! We had hope for some snow but, far from being disappointed, Manuel and I got really into preparations to make sure the house would be properly decorated. Half German as we are, this is not a task to take lightly so... as you can see, we performed as real professionals.

On Christmas Eve mom & dad were a bit ill so it was not as great as it should but most of the family was here so we had a lot of fun ! Only Tio Kaki and Tia Fifi could not make it and we missed them a lot but I am sure we will see them soon !


Christmas party @ school

This year I have really enjoyed the Christmas party at school. We all got dressed in our outfits and went on stage ready to give it all. As you can see in the video we sang "Jingle Bells" as if there was no tomorrow so, after such a stunning performance,  Santa in person came to congratulate us and gave us some presents. Super !

Arts, Crafts & a bit of sport !

The last weeks of the year have been very busy for Daniel and I. We had a couple of serious painting sessions with our friend Albert and... of course, we continued with our swimming lessons. Of course, with so much activity we needed to fit a power nap here and there....


I know. Manuel and I have been terribly lazy during the last couple of months and have not posted anything for a looooong time. BUT, we can't let the year end without giving you some highlights, right?

Let's start with the Halloween party back in November. We really had a blast with a great party @ the Little Mole. Manuel was the cutest pumpkin in the block and me.... well, have you ever seen a more charming pirate?