Monday, February 22, 2010

About Sunday picnics

One of the advantages of living so close to Century Park is that we go there often for walks. Shelly takes me there during the week and I play with a lot of other children and, then, on the weekends, mom, dad and I go for long walks around the lake.

Yesterday we did something different: a picnic!

And not any kind of picnic.... a picnic with my new friends Alba & Adriana !

So mom and Chupi (Alba & Adriana's mom) prepared some yummy food and off we went to enjoy a beautiful and sunny Sunday at the park. And we also made some local friends !

Here you have a picture of us with the traditional blanket. We are already having dessert but let me make you all a bit jealous and tell you about the tortilla de patata, the esparragos con jamon and the ensalada de pasta.... mmmmm !

My friend Alba also had a lot of fun trying her new roller blades. I think they are a bit big for me right now (and pink) so I will wait till next summer and then maybe we can go and roller blade together !

And now, I can also take the chance and introduce you to Adriana, Alba's sister.

Isn't she cute? she is still a baby so couldn't play all that much with Alba and I but I love hugging her and giving her kisses.

And I think mom likes her too a lot ! Mmmm, have to confess that I was a bit jealous when mom was holding her but then I realized that not for that she likes me less so I went ahead and gave them both a BIG hug :-)

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