Monday, December 19, 2011

I miss youuuuuuuu Adri

Just a couple of days have passed since you left Prague and... I miss youuuuuuuu !!!!

I know you will be enjoying your time with the family in Lima and Miami, having a lovely Christmas under the sun. But I can't help thinking about about our playdates and the great time we had cuddling at the sofa while we watched Dora la Exploradora.

On Thursday I will also take a plane to go to Spain so I am very happy but I wanted you to know that these last days in Prague without you are really tough.

Have a great time and give a kiss from me to your mom and a big handshake to Tato.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas is coming... to the Little Mole !!!

Last Thursday was a very special day. It was the Christmas performance @ school !!!

We had been practicing for more than a month and all of us were reaaaaaally nervous. We got there at 9am and started to get dressed. The gym was decorated very nicely with a big Christmas tree too. What a nice stage for our performance !!!

First came the Lady Birds all dressed in white and red. I did not see that because I was getting all ready for our show but mom told me that my friend Mona did a great job dancing around the tree.

Then came the Pixies to sing another Christmas song (Guillermo and Alana were real stars !) and, after that, it was the turn of the Cheeky Monkeys !!!

We played a Christmas theater and where I played the role of a Christmas tree.

Cis, Albert and Camille where also there and I think we all did a great job :-)

And then we got all together to sing along our favorite Christmas song: Jingle Bells !!! I really like the song and had practiced a lot at school and also at home but I was a bit nervous with so many people in the room.... Still, we all had a great time and specially enjoyed doing the "Hey!!!"

But the big surprise of the party arrived when Santa Claus joined us in his red robe loaded with a box full of presents !!! We all have been very good kids this years so he gave us a bag with stickers and a really cool T-shirt. What a nice end of party !

Here you can watch some videos..

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My first teeth

And so they say that good things come in pairs so.... I am not only getting my first tooth... I am getting my first teeth !!!!

The first one came out last week and the second one is just popping out as I write :-)

Not going to lie to you and say that it is fun but everybody is so excited about it that I can't help being excited too ! As a start I am already able to bite properly so mom is not so eager to let me put her hand in my mouth :-)

Will this mean that very soon I will be able to eat all those yummy things Daniel eats?

Touring Germany with Kaki & Fifi

So last week was a very active one. Don't you think that it was just about the Taufe !

It was Fifi's first time in Germany so I was a man on a mission: let the tour begin !

I had everything planned for Monday. Get up early. Cake and milk for breakfast. Pack our warmest clothes and... gooooooooooo !

Off we started going to Rothemburg of der Tauber, an amazing little town packed with beautiful houses and incredible corners. Rothemburg is a true Christmas village where you can find all kinds of Christmas things throughout the year, but Rothemburg is specially beautiful now in winter.

First we walked a bit around the village were all the little shops on the street were selling handcrafts, food and glühwein.

Then we went into one of the most amazing shops I have ever seen: Käthe Wohlfahrt. I could not close my mouth (literally) when I went inside and saw all those teddy bears moving around, singing and dancing.

It just got better as you walked through the store. All kinds of amazing Christmas things with bright and shiny colors !!! Was really hard for me not to touch everything but I was a very well behaved guy and only grabbed a couple of things :-)

With so much excitement we were ready for a meal so we went into a great restaurant at the town hall square. Fifi & Kaki had a great steak with onion but my wurst with fries was not less impressive !

I also had a lot of fun painting on my blackboard with tio Kaki but the real surprise was waiting for us outside.... snow !!!

It was a fantastic day and I think Kaki, Fifi and mom enjoyed as much as I did. In the evening I took them all to Nuremberg and we enjoyed seeing the Christkindlesmarkt, even if we were really tired.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Night of December 5. Neumarkt. Nikolaus is coming ..... I am very nervous !!!!!

Did you know that during the evening og December 5 a guy called Nikolaus comes to every house with a big sac? yes, I know it sounds pretty scary but it is really something very nice. Specially because in the sac there are loads of presents and, if you have been a good boy like me, then you get all of them !!!

I have nothing to fear because I am a super nice-well-behaved lad :-) so there I was all ready and nervous waiting for Nikolaus to come.

And he did !!!

He was really tall. Dressed in red. Long white beard. And, let's be honest, quite a big belly too ! So he came into the house and, after asking my parents if I had been a good guy, he gave me the presents.

Actually, have to confess that Nikolaus is a bit of a disaster because he game me Manuel's present, and then gave mine to Manuel. He claimed to be a "Nikolaus despistauuuuu", but with so many houses to visit... no wonder he is a bit confused !!! or maybe he is also Spanish like me??????

And after promising that next year I would also be a good boy and I would stop waking up at night I said goodbye to him.

I was just sorry for Tio Kaki who could not see him because he was in the toilet. But Nikolaus is a busy guy so he could not wait. Good that we took some pictures so that I can show him !

Sunday, December 4, 2011


This is a very special weekend. Not only because we are in Germany, or because Tio Kaki and Tia Fifi are here with us, or because Marcel has come to visit us with Jessica, Klaus & Herbert...
It is a very special weekend because today I got baptized !!!
We went to church in the morning, with a very cold weather and my best outfit. Didn't know what to expect about the whole thing but my parents kept on saying that it was something very special.
A guy with a very big belly and a colourfull dress (who turned out to be the priest) came close to us and asked us to go to next to a pile of water. Have to confess that I got a bit worried at that point but then he started to explain...
Being baptized is like being born again and becoming part of a bigger family. I like the idea but liked even more the fact that the water was quite warm after all :-)
The priest was a really nice guy and everyone was very happy. I was very happy too because I had all my family around me, well, everyone except for the abuelos. Really missed them but I know I will see them very soon for Christmas so I am not sad. Then I will be able to show them all the videos and the pictures we made!!!