Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Daniel !!!

On Monday it was my birthday.

And, guess... how old am I???? THREEEEEEEEE

I still have those great memories of my second birthday when the abuelo and the abuela came over to Prague for the celebration so I couldn't wait for the third one. And I was not disappointed :-)

On Friday, Oma, Opa & uncle Herbert came all the way from Germany so that we could spend such a special weekend together.

I was really happy to see them but I must confess that I was even happier when I saw all the cakes and sweets they had brought with them !!! Now I was really looking forward to the celebration :-)

Saturday was a quiet day and I spent it going for a walk with Oma, Opa and Herbert. Then I had a loooong nap to charge my batteries and in the afternoon we met Fraser (the papa of my friends Jaime & Carmen). I was really happy to see him because we had not met since I was at their house in Laxe a couple of summers ago.

Then I went to bed early because I had to be rested for Sunday: the P(ARTY)-day.

And what a party ! I was celebrating with my friend Camille who also had birthday a couple of weeks ago so we organized a biiiiig party with all our friends from school.

We were really happy because nearly all of them came. I was only sad that Alana couldn't make it because she had bronchitis :-(

Hey ! what do I see in this picture? is that me trying to kiss Eva? come on mom, surely I should be allowed to have some privacy !

Then the cakes came. I knew mom and Camille's mom were planning something nice because they spent all Saturday morning in the kitchen but... what a piece of art !

They were chocolate cakes and had sweets of all colors on top of them.

There was even a train and a car ! Both Camille and I made a wish and blew the 3 candles in just one go !

I really enjoyed my cake and, considering the picture... looks like Manuel was really interested in it too !!!

And then we played... and played.... and played.... It was really a fantastic day and I was really happy to see all my friends. Of course I missed the abuela, the abuelo, Tio Kaki, Tia Fifi, Klaus, Jessi and Marcel but I also realize that I am really lucky to have such good friends here in Prague.

Thank you guys :-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Český Krumlov

There is a lot to discover in the Czech Republic so last weekend we packed the card and went to Český Krumlov.

Český is a small town in the south of Bohemia that is well known for its famous castle and historic center, totally surrounded by the river Vltava. Not that we went for a swim to the river because it was really cold but we did wrap inside our stroller and walked up and down the little streets of the city.

Manuel and I specially enjoyed that there were many shops of artisan toys, all made of wood and painted in bright colors... well, that and the creperie !!! Adri's mom recommended the place to us and have to say that the chocolate palachynka did not disappoint at all !!!

At night we went for another stroll to watch the illumination of the city and, again, we were positively surprised. We found a nice little square with an amazing view of the castle. Do you like it?

Another plus is that the grass had plenty of snow so mom and I played nicely drawing pictures on the floor with our footprints.

Loved it :-)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Vacaciones en el mar

Did you know that el abuelo y la abuela have gone for a cruise around the world? can you think of a better plan?

They started the trip celebrating New Years Eve onboard and till the begining of April they will just sail all over the world visiting the most amazing places you can think of.

Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, US, the Caribe... I won't give you more details because otherwise we can all get jealous !!!

The only downside to it is that both Manuel and I really miss talking to them, even if we still manage to get some time on Skype and mom writes many mails to them.

So, we have made up a game we play whenever we miss them. We have made a ship with Lego and we imagine we sail to beautiful places with the abuelo and the abuela !!!

Maybe if we are good boys they will take us with them for the next trip????

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Two teeth should be plenty of enough to start having with some real food, right? bring it on !!!!

And, talking about teeth, I had been looking forward to sink mine into those yummmmmy Cheerios Daniel has for breakfast :-) So here you can see me working hard on my first fingerfood: Cheerios & banana.

Not bad for a start, uh?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Fancy our new jackets?

The last months have been quite busy from a present perspective but something Manuel and I really really like are our new jackets !!!

Tio Kaki & Tia Fifi really had a good eye to spot this great outfit for us in Zara. It is the first time that Manuel and I are dressing the same and have to say that... we look really cool !

Same family, same team :-) Thank you Kaki & Fifi !!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Roscon de Reyes

And looks like the Three Kings and the camels were indeed hungry and thirsty because, guess what... they finished all the biscuits and drunk all the water !!! They also left very nice presents for mom, dad, Manuel and I.

Here in the Czech Republic January 6th is not a bank holiday so dad had to go to work :-( but we still managed to have a very special breakfast: Roscon de Reyes !!!!

The Roscon is a very traditional Spanish dessert for January 6th and it has inside 2 surprises. If you find a bean then you will pay for the roscon and if you find the present then you will become a king.

This year mom did not put any of them inside (guess she was worried I would be swallowing the bean or the present) but I really did not mind because... mom baked the roscon herself so no need to pay for it and... already know Manuel and I are the kings of the house!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Three Kings are coming tonight

Both Manuel and I got really nervous this afternoon. Three Kings. Coming to our house. Tonight !!!!!

Mom and dad told us that we had to leave our shoes by the fireplace so that the Kings could leave our presents and we also left some water for the camels and some biscuits for the Kings because they would be very hungry and tired. Not surprised about that because if they have to go and visit all the children in the world just in one night.... I mean, it is a long way from Guillermo's house in Madrid to ours in Prague !!!

Mmmmm, poor guys ! maybe we should leave some more biscuits?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 2012 !!!

By December 28 we were back to Prague because we had a very important celebration in front of us... New Years Eve !!!

Last year I enjoyed a lot with my Opas and Unkle Klaus here in Prague but this year was special... yes, because Manuel was also here to enjoy it, but also because we had a very unusual get together: some of mom & dad's friends from Pompey came over to celebrate !

They said all of them were old friends from maaaaaany years ago when they lived in the UK so I thought maybe they were old and boring or something like that but... nothing further !

Farisha & Michael stayed at home with us and was really nice because they came with their sons Danial & Noah.... they are really nice and we became good friends.

Andreas & Anne Laure stayed very close to us in Adri's place so I also made two more friends... Pierre Louis & Pauline. And Karine & Yves stayed at Alana's house with their beautiful daughter Jade.

So, yes, it a bit of a crazy house with so many people but we had a lot of fun !

We had fantastic food (of course, there were plenty of cookies and chocolate so I was a happy bunny), movies, games and fireworks.

We also went for dinner to a nice pizza place and I enjoyed a lot sharing all my toys with my new friends.

Manuel and Jade went early to bed so they missed the fireworks but I think they also had a lot of fun with so much party and all the attention they got.

Great way to end the year and now... Happy 2012 !!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas in La Coruña

This year we have spent Christmas in La Coruña with the abuelos. We only stayed there for 5 days but we made good use of time and managed to do a lot of things...

And what can be better than having a sweet surprise when you arrive? My dear Xulia came to the airport to welcome us. I was so happy to see her and did not expect it at all so I even got a little nervous !!!

But then I held her hand and was as if we had never said goodbye. We spent the whole afternoon together and told nice stories in the car on our way home.

We had a lot of fun with the abuelos and they took Manuel and I out often to spoil us. Tortilla.... croquetas... totolate de con churros.... I think we got a couple of extra kilos back to Prague !!!

And talking about churros... our friends Ana & David took us to Bonilla for another totolate & churros feast. I even got a double decker London bus and Manuel got a british duckie for the shower !!! I really like Ana & David so we agreed to meet again soon.

We also spent a lot of time with Tio Kaki and Tia Fifi... and, take this... I even went to their house to sleep. My first sleepover !!!

So as you can see it has been a very intensive week. By the time we got to the plane Manuel and I were ready for a nap :-)