Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pasteles de arroz !!!

Have You ever eaten "pasteles de arroz"? Then you have to ask abuelo to bake some so that you can try them !!!

They are the best cakes in the world so, every time the abuelo comes over to Prague, ha bakes a loooot of then so that we can freeze them.

You see? Last weekend we took a couple of them out and enjoyed like crazy. Gracias abuelo !!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Loving it in Southampton

This has been a GREAT trip. Not only because I got to travel "solo" with mom but also because I have really enjoyed spending time with my friends.

We dressed up in costumes, played with the wii, ate pizza while watching rugby and even built Carmen's new bed !

I look forward to seeing them again... Maybe in Prague?

Oh Britain here I come !!!

As I am already a big boy (note that i turned 4 a couple of weeks ago) I have gone for a "Mom & Me" weekend... To England !!!

We are spending some days in Southampton visiting auntie Marieta, uncle Fraser, Jaime and Carmen.

So yesterday we took a plane to London,... Then a train to Southampton .. And here we are !!! Having loads of fun with my friends.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Paco !

I told you already about the horses, right? Well, this afternoon Manuel and I went to say hi to them and then... I went with my friend Paco the horse for a ride :-) Manuel was a bit scared so didn't want to try. Instead... He reserved himself for a ride... At the cars !!!

Oh Carnaval Carnavaaaal

Yesterday we had our Carnival party @ school. I had a bit of a cough but.. No way I was going to miss the party ! Specially as I had a new costume to wear.... Come and meet Doctor Daniel :-)

The party was great and Manuel & I had loads of fun with the games, the dancing and (as it couldn't be anything different with Manuel around) with the food !!!

Thank u madrina for the super present

A weekend @ Ulrichshof

Manuel and I are really loving it here because everything @ Ulrischof is designed for kids.

A great reception with Bobcars, ping pong tables and a swing. A pirate pool with a biiiig slide. A farm with cows, rabbits and horses. And, of course, Yolybsi, the cool dog mascot of the hotel !!!

Is great to be back for a couple I days of FUN :-)