Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lama Temple

We had a great time this morning visiting the Lama Temple. Everything was really beautiful... even more with the snow !

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Langkawi

After such a busy time moving from one country to another.... what can be better than relaxing at the beach?

Last week was Chinese New Year vacation so we took off to Malaysia and visited an old friend of us: the Andaman in Langkawi.

Do you remember a post I made 4 years ago? yes ! the ones where the monkeys broke into our room! well, we went back to the same hotel and this time just made sure we closed the windows properly :-)

We had a great time playing in the pool, making castles at the beach, eating chicken satay and even cruising to see the sunset in Tarutao island.
An unforgettable time !

Daniel is a big boy

Yes I just turned 5 ! And to celebrate such a memorable occasion we celebrated... twice. I had a great time with my classmates at school blowing the candles of a super-pirate-cake. And then, we all got together to celebrate again with my friend Rocio and our friends.

I did miss my Prague friends, Opas, abuelos and the tios but it is great to see that I already have so many friends here. Looking forward to the 3 years to come :-)

Welcome to China... again !

Sorry guys it's been a while without news but we have been real busy lately. We moved to Beijing back in mid November and are now fully adjusted to the new routine. We love our new house, our new school and also our new friends ! We have already started learning some words in Chinese and are enjoying the first tours around the many amazing places this city has to offer. Here you have some of them !