Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Playmobiland... here we come !

Do you like Playmobil? If you do, you will be real jealous when I tell you what we did today.

Yes ! we went to Playmobiland ! or should I say Playmobilheaven?

We first went to the indoor playground and could barely believe all the cool toys I saw there. And we could just play with everything ! I loved playing with the police helicopter while Marcel had a lot of fun parking all the ambulances.

I even played a football match with papa who, according to the picture, seemed to enjoyed even more than I did !

But what I really enjoyed was the Zoo. Marcel and I played there for a looooong time but I just couldn't get away from all the animals there.

Zebras, Lions, Panda bears, penguins, elephants, giraffes,... There was even a Kangaroo and when I looked into the bag... Surprise ! there was a baby kangaroo inside :-)

It was very very cold but we couldn't miss the chance to go for around in the park. So many things to see !

I really loved the lake with the pirate boat and Papa even took Marcel and I for a round in the raft. Must confess that I was a bit scared, not because of daddy's sailing skills (even if he managed to 'park' the other way round) but that thing was really moving a lot !

So I decided to play it safe and enjoyed the tour seating down while Marcel helped papa like a professional cabin boy.

The Farm was also a favorite so I really enjoyed climbing up the straw, feeding the horses and washing the cows.

Have to say that Old MacDonald is a lucky guy... I wouldn't mind having a farm of my own :-)

And the best of all? that Playmobiland is just 20 minutes away from Oma & Opa's house so I am definitively planning to visit again soon !

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Here we are, reporting Easter from lovely Bayern !

Yes, we have come to celebrate Easter in Neumarkt with Oma, Opa and... Marcel too !!!

Easter is great in Germany. Egg painting.... nest hunting.... baking... There is so much to do here !!!

Everybody is very busy but, let us tell you that it is totally worth the effort because, at the end of a hard day.... there is always a chocolate bunny waiting for you :-)

Yesterday, for example, Marcel and I spent the morning painting our Easter eggs. Isn't it fun? I wanted to paint mine blue but in the end Oma convinced me to use some other colors too :-)

Mom nearly had a crisis when she saw me later because have to confess that my hands were even more colorful that the Easter eggs ha ha ha :-)

When we go back to Prague I am going to take one of these coloring bags with me and I am going to organize an egg painting playdate.

Cis, Albert, Guillermo and Camille are going to love it !

Manuel also enjoyed watching some train cartoons on telly with Marcel.

He is too small to do the egg painting but I am sure he is going to have a lot of fun tomorrow with the nest hunting.

That's the good thing about Easter time in Germany... that there is an activity for everybody !

Ah ! and something elese really nice happened yesterday too.... Abuelo and Abuela are finally in La Coruna so now we can really talk a lot on Skype. I am sure they miss the ship, and the food, and all those wonderful places they have seen but... we are so happy they are back ! Os queremos mucho abuelos :-)