Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Budapest here we come !

Once again dad had a business trip and... once again we went with him ! (mmmmm, I may need to have a conversation with dad's boss about all this traveling :-)

Last Friday we took a plane and went to Budapest. The trip was a lot of fun and they did not loose our luggage !

On Saturday we had a great day. The sun was shining so we went for a tour around the old city. First stop: Parliament ! and then we just walked down the river, enjoying the wonderful bridges and the little streets. I specially liked this bridge because there were biiiiiiiiig lions. Can you see them?

But, hey, being a tourist can be tough so we also had a break here and there to enjoy the local playgrounds :-)

We just loved it there and was very interesting to discover how much fun could Manuel have with the swing.

He was laughing so loud !

On Sunday the weather was really bad but, as we are real troopers, off we went to the castle area.

Even in a foggy and rainy day the view was just fantastic.

We will soon tell you more about our last stop over on Sunday.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adri & I

After the 'sofa scene' Adri and I quickly made it up so yesterday she came over to our house for an afternoon playdate.

We had a lot of fun playing with the cars, riding on the motorbike and surfing the web with the computer. She also stayed for dinner so we shared nice German food :-)

Oh ! so nice to be in love :-)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend smiles

Weekends are very special for me.

I love them because I can spend a lot of time together with mom, dad & Daniel. We are a bit lazy in the morning, then have a looooong breakfast and go for a walk till lunch time. We quickly get into nap time and by the time I wake up I am all relaxed and ready to play. Like in this picture.

Yesterday afternoon we just stayed at home playing because it was getting really cold so we had a cozy time with some music and Daniel's cars :-)

Couldn't all days of the week be Saturday????

Friday, October 7, 2011

Meet our friend Allegra

Istanbul is a beautiful city and we really enjoyed visiting the bazaars and mosques. I would be happy to share some photos but dad has them in his Blackberry and seems to be unable to get them to the computer.... what a techie !

Instead I will tell you about the real highlight of our trip.... getting to know Allegra !!! She is the daughter of Defne, a very good friend of mom and dad. I am really impressed because looks like mom and Defne used to be pirates at one point???!!??!!

Defne lives now in London but she is originally from Istanbul so she took us with Allegra to tour the city and we also went to some nice restaurants. We also went to spend one afternoon at her mom's place. We had so much fun !

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trip to Istanbul

Last week papa had to go to Istanbul for work and, as we did not want him to feel lonely.... we all went with him !!!

The trip was cool and we really enjoyed the flights... at least Manuel and I did because we played a lot together while papa was trying to get some sleep :-)

When we arrived to the Istanbul airport we had a little incident because our big suitcase was lost. And... it must have been really lost because 16 days have passed and... it is still lost !!! So we arrived very late to the hotel and did not even have our pajamas with us !!! Well, it is important to stay positive so let's just think that at least the trip back home was a light one and mom had the chance to do some shopping :-)

It was very hot and papa had to work Wednesday and Thursday so, even if we did a lot of sightseeing with mom and Defne (a friend of hers), we also had some time to relax at the hotel. I specially enjoyed the long breakfast with my milk, some scrambled eggs and papa's Economist.

Mmmmm, I think I am going to start going on business trips more often !!!