Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Celebrating China

Today is the National Day and China celebrates 60 years of PRC's founding (People Republic of China). As I dictate this blog to my mom, I am watching the Tiananmen Square's parade from Beijing in telly. I am really enjoying it because there are a lot of bright colours, music, and people marching down the square. I think my abuelo would have also enjoyed it because there were many soldiers, planes and tanks too ! "This is a proud day for the nation and the world"... people in telly are saying a lot of very nice things about the country so I am sure that Chinese will feel very happy and proud. I just heard that there were more than 100.000 people participating in the non-military parade only ! wow, that's a lot of people...

Yesterday we could also see beautiful fireworks from the balcony.... and they lasted more than an hour ! People were stopping their cars on the road to see them so there was a bit of chaos but they were really pretty (and loud).

This week China is also celebrating the Moon Festival, when family and friends gets together to look at the full moon and eat the traditional mooncakes (in the picture). I have not tried yet the mooncakes but they look really cool. I think I will try one next year when I have my brand new teeth.

And this is all from Danielcito, broadcasting from Shanghai. On Sunday we are going to Thailand for a well deserved vacation. I will go now and start packing my swimming diapers !

Friday, September 25, 2009


Hello again,

I really love living in Shanghai but one of the things I miss the most is spending time with my family in Spain and Germany. So... every time I have a chance... I talk to them on Skype ! I really like doing that and not only because I love grabbing the camera and biting the cable... but also because I can show them my new life here and all the many things that I am learning.

Last weekend we had a lot of fun because I could talk to all of them at the same time ! Oma, opa, el abuelo, la abuela... we laughed a lot because daddy was playing with me and mom helped me walk on top of the bed. I think they were really impressed with my newly acquired skills and now they all think that I am a BIG boy. Of course, having 2 cameras and 2 cables to grab was also a plus :-)

And I am a big boy indeed... if you don't believe me watch me with my new toy ! I really love it... has a lot of buttons and, when I touch them,... they make a lot of noise so I am not sure my parents like it so much after all. But I do. I think the bike also has wheels so very soon I will send you a picture of me riding it at the park. I bet you won't be able to catch me !

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trip to Xinchang

On Saturday morning, after a 40 minutes nap in the car, we arrived to Xinchang. In the begining it looked like any other city but, suddenly, we were in the middle of a very old and authentic water village. There are several canals that run through the town and stone bridges that cross it. Next to the water there are very old houses.

I think we were the only tourists and, as we walked through the streets, people got out of the houses and threw curious looks to us but then, when we said "Ni Hao" (hola) to them... they started smiling a lot ! Was very funny because generally we are the ones taking pictures and looking at things but I think this time we were the center of attention ! This is a picture of a friend of mine and his granny. She was very nice and came out of the house so that we could play together a bit.

For lunch my parents took me to a very nice and old tea house by the canal. They had a green tea and a lot of nice things to nibble (nuts, fruit, dumplings, nuddles with green things, sweets,...). Daddy didn't like the tea (he was making funny faces like when he drinks anis) but I think they enjoyed the lunch very much. I just ate my "papilla" and couldn't try any of the local goodies but at least they let me practice a bit with the sticks !

Here you have a picture of me and dad at the tea house. Isn't the red balloon nice? I tried to grab it several times but I wouldn't reach :-(

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Work hard.... play hard !

Today I have gone to the playground for the first time. There is a big pool full of plastic balls with many colors. I was kicking all of them but mom and Shelly wouldn't let me eat them....

I also played with 2 new friends.... both girls ! One of them is Chinese and the other one is American like me. Her parents live in our same building so I think we are are going to see each other again.

And.... don't you think I look cute with my Bayern jacket? In reality I support Deportivo but daddy is so happy every time I wear it... and... is a present from my friend Leo in Neumarkt ! so I think this winter I will wear it a lot.

I think mom and dad are planning a lot of cool stuff for this weekend so I'll keep you posted !

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yu Gardens

Yesterday was a great day ! My parents wanted to sleep but I decided to wake them up very early :-) and we went to a beautiful place in the old part of Shanghai.

Yuyuan Garden, 豫園, ("Peaceful Garden") was built already 400 years ago and it looks very traditional with nice old houses, pretty trees and many small ponds... with a lot of orange fishes ! In the end I think my parents were even thankful that I took them there so early because by 9.30am the place was already full with tourists ! It was not very peaceful with so many people but, still, I managed to have my 9am nap in mommy's sling.

We also had a lot of fun when we left the garden because right next to it there is a veeeeery big traditional bazaar with many many shops. You can find a lot of nice things ! Chinese clothes, paintings, tea, jade figures, local sweets... and three Starbucks ! (for a moment I thought I was back in Mount Kisco :-) I also so very nice dragons made of paper with a lot of colors and I already said that I want one for my room.

When we went home a truck arrived and I started to see many boxes in the house. For a moment I did not know what was happening and I was a bit sad because I though we were leaving... but then mami and dad explained that the rest of our things from the US had arrived. Good..... now I have all my diapers with me !

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Me, my bottle and other food stuff

I love drinking milk from my bottle and, now, as I am already a big boy, I can hold it myself without help.

Now I am also eating solid food. Mami and papa cook for me every week and they prepare yummi purees that I like a lot. I am also getting to know new food that I had never tried before... papaya, onion, ginger and.... garlic ! Dad says that I smell very bad after eating ajo but... I am Spanish after all so I am loving it :-)

I am also starting to eat with my fingers and you should see the table when I do it... what a mess... ha ha ha But I have a lot of fun and I think I will soon give the spoon a try.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Today I want to introduce you to a new friend of mine: Shelly.

Shelly is my "ayi " (nanny) and we have a lot of fun together. She is teaching me how to clap my hands, crawl and.... even to walk ! We play a lot together and we also go for walks to the park and meet with other children. I still don't understand what they say, but Shelly is talking to me in Chinese a lot so I think I will be able to do it very soon :-)

I am very happy to have Shelly as my new friend.

Ni Hao !

I have finally managed to "crack the code". Now, with my new blog, I can tell you everything about our new life in Shanghai :-)

I have really enjoyed our first month here. We already moved into our new flat and I really like my room. The first days were a bit confusing... because I missed my Spanish and German family and also because of the time difference... but now everything is under control. I talk to my family with Skype a couple of times a week and I already sleep through the night... like a baby :-)

Only some weeks here but my parents and I have already done a lot of things. Several excursions to the city center, walking in the Century Park, exploring the fabric market and... a memorable trip to Ikea (believe me, this deserves its own blog post!).

Watch out for more updates !