Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meet Alba !

I really like my new friend Alba. She is a Spanish girl who has just moved into our building. Alba is 5 years old and her sister Adriana is 6 months old. Adriana is also very nice but she was having a nap when we took the picture so you will have to wait a bit more to meet her.

I am very happy about Alba and her family moving to our building. As we are so close we meet often to play. It is a lot of fun. For example, today we watched a cartoon together and then ate Cheerios on the sofa. Mom and Chupi (Alba's mom) were not very happy about that because I made a bit of a mess so I think it is the last time we will do that :-)

Adriana is also very nice and I love giving her hugs. She doesn't always like it but I think it is because she is very small so next time I will try and be more gentle, specially now that I am so strong.

I am sure you will see more of Alba, Adriana and her family in my blog. Now I am going to bed because tomorrow is a big day... Chinese New Year vacation is starting so mom, dad and I are flying to Malaysia for the week. Loads to pack ! Nite, nite...

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