Friday, April 29, 2011

Picnic @ Vyšehrad

By Sunday we were so tired that we decided to go and chill out with a picnic @ the park.

In Prague there are many nice parks but my favorite one is Vyšehrad, an old castle with breathtaking views of the city, a nice church and and old cemetery with famous Czech people. But, what I like the most is that there is a big green area where I can run and play as much as I want.

On Sunday for example, we took the ball and was playing football with uncle Kaki. He is not bad but still I could show him a couple of tricks :-)

After the sport session I was rather hungry so sat down to enjoy a nice Spanish menu: tortilla, croquetas and empanada. All with compliments of the abuelo Fernando who nicely filled the freezer during his last visit ! We were the envy of the park....

We also had some jamon but dad had the brilliant idea of putting it right next to the warm empanada so.... I won't give you the details but let's just say that the jamon was not that good anymore and mom was not happy :-)

Of course, a Spanish picnic would never be complete without a siesta. But don't you think we had any kind of siesta.... there is nothing better than a family siesta !!! Roooooonnnn fffiiiii, roooooonnnn fiiiiiiii...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I love my uncle and my auntie

Daniel had already told me that uncle Inaki (Kaki) and auntie Susy (Fifi) were really nice so I was really looking forward to meeting them.

So off I went to the airport last Wednesday with mom to pick them up.

We had already talked several times on Skype but I have to say that in person they are even nicer.... and.... by the look in their faces I think they also find me kind of cute, don't you think?

Tio Kaki and I have spent a lot of time together these days.

He really enjoys holding me in his strong arms (have I told you that he is really good looking?) but I think he got a bit stressed when I started to cry :-)

And tia Fifi is just the best. Did you know that she is going to be my godmother?

I also spent a lot of time with her last week and she would rock me and pat me on the back till I felt asleep. I think she has a lot of experience with small children like me.

You see how lucky I am? I can't wait to see them both again in summer when I go to Spain. One thing is clear. Both of them really like children .... maybe I will have a new cousin any time soon? I hope soooooooo !!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kaki & Fifi

Yes, this has been a very special Easter time here in Prague. Not only because we have done plenty of nice things but mainly because tio Kaki and tia Fifi came over to spend some days with us.

Had been a long time since I last saw them but, as it happens with good friends, the moment I saw them it was as if we had never been apart.

So it has been a busy time. We have gone to the park... we have done some sightseeing... and we have even done a picnic !!! Do you want to know more about it? watch out for more posts in the coming days !

Saturday, April 16, 2011


It was a present from uncle Inaki (Kaki) and auntie Susy (Fifi) for Christmas but, now that the weather is really getting good, I can finally go out and show off my driving skills ... Look, even without feet :-)

And, do you know what is the best of all? that Kaki and Fifi are coming over to Prague to visit me for Easter so, just in 4 days we will be able to go out to the park and drive the Spiderman car together... I can't wait !!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Playdate @ home

One of the things I enjoy most is having playdates with my friends. Every week we meet in one of our houses during the afternoon and we play... and eat... and play.... and eat !

Yesterday we had a playdate @ our place and, as you can judge by the mess in the room, we had a great time.

Do you want to meet my friends?

Ladies first... Adri is one of the first friends I made here in Prague and she is also my neighbor.

Very often we meet on the way to the kindergarten so we talk a lot and (sssshhhhh) sometimes we also hold hands from stroller to stroller :-)

Her mom is from Peru so we talk in Spanish a lot.

Cis, Nahil and I are together in the same class at the kindergarten: "The Pixies".

We are a good team and play together a lot.... well... we play and we also do some naughty things so the teachers are always running after us.

Cis is has a young sister so he is also a big brother like me. Being a big brother is not an easy thing so Cis is giving me a lot of tips !

And Guillermo is my newest friend. His family just moved to Prague from Spain a couple of weeks ago. It is actually very funny because he is from Valencia like my cousin so... I have two Guillermos from Valencia in my life !

He is a really nice guy and we have a lot of fun playing together, even though our moms say that we are both very stubborn because sometimes we fight a bit.... don't they know that we are just boys and that's what boys are supposed to do? ah ! women !

Anyway, I am very happy that Guillermo is here and I am sure we are going to be great friends :-)

As you can see, even if I miss my people in China, I have great friends here is Prague. I guess that's the good thing of moving around... that you get to meet so many interesting people and have so many friends ! You see how lucky I am? now you just have to plan a trip to Prague so that you can join us for the next playdate...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Gro-Clock

Do you want to see something really cool? then have a look at my new Gro-Clock !

Because now that I already have a big boy bed it was about time that I got a real clock, right? but don't you think my clock is like any other clock.... this one is special !

When I go to bed the clock is dark with stars and, as time pass by, the little stars disappear till it is time to get up and then the sun comes up with a bright light. When that happens I know that mom and dad will come by to my room and I can start the day... drink my milk... play with my cars... have breakfast before I get to the kindergarten....

I am still having a bit of a hard time staying in bed till the sun comes up (that is only because I am so much looking forward to give mom and dad a good morning kiss) but I am working on it !

Friday, April 1, 2011

Watch me !

So... what do you think about my new hair cut?

I loved my curls and everyone said I was really cute with them but, hey, spring is here so... new season... new style !

Have to say that dad was not specially happy when he saw me because he really liked me with long hair but somehow I feel much better now... more handsome.... grown up....

I even think that girls @ the kindergarten look at me with different eyes !