Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Who wants some pizza?

Yesterday Adri came home for a playdate and, after messing up the whole house and spreading Play Dough all over the kitchen.... we help mom make pizza for dinner !

I actually though that nothing could match Play Dough time but now I have discovered that making pizza is even better :-) We definitively had a lot of fun but, after tasting it... somehow I feel we need to continue practicing a little ....

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

This morning  I woke up with a nice surprise from my '3 boys'.

Red roses, croissants,  a lovely picture and loads of love. What else can a mom ask for?

Mama loves you too !

Saturday, May 12, 2012

We are IBMers (too)

And after the park (and a nap, of course) we went to the office to pick up papa.  It was our second time there already so this time they did not even ask for the badge :-) We are IBMers !!!

The office was half empty so we truly enjoyed running up and down the corridors, picking up all the phones we could find and messing up mom & dad's desks.

Is true that there are no trains, cars or toys in the office but everybody was so nice that I think Manuel & I will soon send our CVs !

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


There are plenty of things Manuel and I love from Prague but one of them is that in every corner there is a playground. And don't just think that I mean any kind of playground.... I have never seen parks and playgrounds like this !!!

Today was bank holiday and papa had to work so Manuel and I got ready for a day @ the park with mom. We met there with Guillermo, Caterina, Alana and (my beloved) Emma.

When we arrived I could not believe my eyes. There were like 5 different playgrounds in one !!!! One area was made of wood with plenty of bridges, steps and ropes.... another area had sand and a waterwheel... then another for climbing...

We just played everywhere but there was so much to do that we need to bring dad another day so that we can get to see everything.

 By noon we were really hungry so really enjoyed the lunch box with pasta carbonara that mama brought to the playground. Well... specially Manuel !!! you don't believe me? watch the video...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Buenos días exploradores !!!

Good morning exploradores!!!

Here Manuel reporting from mom & dad's bed :-)

And, what can be better than having a lazy start of the day with loads of games, cuddles and a bottle of milk?

As mom and dad don't even remember how to set the alarm clock anymore I am the one in charge to make sure everyone gets up early on the house. And... after drinking my milk (pronto!) I am ready for some cuddles.

By then, Danielcito is already aware that the party is on and has already joined us in bed. Here you have a picture of the two of us with papa and another one of the two of us alone.

I really love this nice time when the 4 of us laugh, hug and do silly things.

We have so much fun together !!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A long weekend in the Bavarian Forest

Do you guys know what is a Baby & Kinder Bio-resort? We didn't either but just went to one this weekend and, trust us, it is pretty cool !

We had a long weekend here in Prague so off we went to Ulrichshof in the Bavarian Forest with our friend Alana. We just LOVED it from the moment we arrived. A swing, a playground with slides and around 15 Bobby cars... and all of that just in the reception area !

We also had a lot of fun in the indoor pool. Not that we were unlucky with the weather but... who can say no to a great pool with a biiiiiiig slide? Manuel also showed his bravest side and went for a ride but have to say that Mom, Dad, Luis & Virginie were not really suffering either!

Another thing we loved was the farm opposite the hotel were we spent a lot of time visiting the cows and also the pigs. Was great to see them eat and Alana and I had a lot of fun singing 'Old MacDonald' while we chased a little cat and played hide & seek with the cows.

During the evening we also had a great time at the playground. Actually, yesterday was witches-night in Bavaria so we all got together around the fire to play games and sing.

But the highlight of the trip was the pony ride (well, that and the surprise visit of Oma & Opa). I was assigned to Paco, a lovely little pony who was really nice but, believe me, didn't look that little from my position.

Still, I took a breath and off I went with my best cowboy smile. In the end I did pretty well and looks like the one who had more troubles was mom trying to keep Paco from eating every branch we passed :-)

 Well, we could tell you maaaaaaany stories about the great weekend we just had so, instead, here you have some more pictures and a couple of videos so that you judge by yourselves !