Monday, November 19, 2012

La Coruna here I come !!!

As I am a big boy this week I am going to la Coruna alone with mom !

We are going to stay there a full week and I am very happy because I am looking forward to seeing the abuelitos and the tios.

Did you know that we have to take two planes? We will stop in Barcelona. It is a long trip but I have promised to take care of mom and be a good boy :-)

You see? We are already having loads of fun playing cards in the plane! Needless to say after a while.. I was ready for my nap.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Feliz Cumpleaños Maminka !!!

Today is a special day because it is mom's birthday so Manuel, Dad and I have worked very hard to surprise her.

This morning we got up very very early ( no surprises there :-) and the three of us went to a nice bakery here in town while mom was sleeping. We bought a great cake, croissants and pain ay chocolate and went back home to wake mama up.

We had a great time blowing the candles and singing "happy birthday". Have to say that Manuel is very good at that :-)

Then we went to a nice place by the river to feed the swans and the ducks.had a little incident when one of the swans bit my finger to get the bread but, other than that, we had a great time !!!

We love you maminka. Happy birthday from your boys (the 3 of them) !!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Breakfast with uncle Torben

Yesterday we had a great surprise... Uncle Torben is in town and he came to stay with us !!!

We played so much that Manuel did not want to go to bed and this morning we both went to wake him up and to tickle his feet.

But he is a real trooper and was not upset !!! Then we had a nice breakfast and continued playing non stop. Did you know that uncle Torben and auntie Anja are going to have TWO babies very soon????

They are going to be great dads and... When they get too tired... Manuel and I will go and give them a hand :-)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday afternoon @ Kotva

Today was the classical lazy Sunday ... We went for lunch with our friends Roberto & Javier and had a very loooooong nap.

By the time we got up we were ready to rock again... Literally !!!

But, hey, as you can see we are not the only ones who had a lazy day :-)