Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ohhh.... vacation is over !

I know my report comes a bit delayed but, even if I am already an experienced traveler, I needed a couple of days to recover from the trip back home.

Last Friday was our last day in Malaysia so we started the day early with a nice walk on the beach. We have been doing that every morning so I wanted to take the chance and say bye to the sea, to the palm trees, to the shells, to the little crabs,...

Then we took a plane to Kuala Lumpur and, as our flight back to Shanghai didn't leave until very late, we took a train and spent the day in the city.

First we went to do some shopping. My parents bought a very nice traditional Malay cloth to hang on the wall and then mom sneaked out to buy some trousers. Dad said something like "but you already have 500 trousers !!! (or were handbags? probably both....)" but I have to say that I think she is going to look very pretty in those :-)

And then we met some friends of us: Nita and her lovely family. It was the first time I met them and then mom explained that they are very good friends of auntie Farisha and uncle Michael... and that they got to know Nita during their wedding.

I am very happy that we could meet because I liked them very much, specially Ines, the daughter. She is very pretty and even though she was a bit shy I think she liked me too.

In the afternoon we went to the KLCC park and stopped over to make some pictures of the Petronas Towers and also to have some merienda. I didn't want to eat much though because my teeth were hurting a lot and I was a bit cranky (well, maybe more than a bit).

After that we went for dinner to a very nice and traditional Malay restaurant. I was not allowed to try the curries (maybe next time) but I had a lot of fun when they played some traditional music and danced with local costumes. Actually, I had so much fun that I totally forgot about my teeth and danced a lot.

Then we got to the airport and had to stay there for a looooong time till we got on the plane. It was OK because I slept like a baby in my stroller but, still, I was very tired and needed some rest and extra cuddles to recover.

Now that we are in Shanghai, I will miss my walks on the beach and the nice weather but I am happy to be back home and... show off my lovely tan !


  1. Dear Daniel, happy to know that you enjoyed your time in Malaysia. Don't worry about the cranky part, I guess we all went through this ... Hope to meeting you too, soon, you will have a lot of fun with Danial and Noah!
    Michael, Farisha, Danial and Noah

  2. Dear Daniel, Auntie wants to add a little bit more comment here, one thing for sure auntie knows that, Ines has a very spot on blue eyes and handsome blond guy like you. I hope you had a great time with Auntie Nita and her lovely family and I really wish I was there too. Oh that cheeky monkeys in Langkawi need to learn some manners too and how many pieces of sate that your daddy has eaten again? LOL!! Take care my sweetheart!! Send my hugs & kisses to your mommy & daddy ok. much love, deine Tante Farisha