Monday, February 8, 2010

Walking & screaming... or screaming & walking?

You may wonder why haven't I written much since my birthday but the fact is that I have been pretty busy. I mean... now that I am not a baby any more I spend a lot of time exploring around and trying new things so i have been kind of busy.

But, ... I am back ! and i am going to tell you (or even better, show you) everything about my latest two favorite discoveries: walking and screaming.

I started giving my first steps already a couple of days before my birthday and by now I am already rocking the whole house ! Walking is great. I can go anywhere I want and I can do it pretty fast, specially if there is an incentive (computer, cables, remote controls,...) Mom says that I look a bit like a little Frankenstein... I don't have a clue who the guy is but I am not sure I like that comparison. I think these days I am going to practice a lot so that i can run to hug my daddy when he comes back home on Friday after his trip.

And the second hobby.... is even more fun ! Well, it is not every day that you realize what a nice voice you have, do you? Now I do it a bit less often because I overheard mom and dad saying something about the neighbors not speaking to us anymore.... but I have to say that screaming is cool. Do you think I would have a future as an opera singer?

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