Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Deberes !!!

My first homework !!!! Somehow I sense I may not always be as happy about it... but today I really feel like a big boy.

Last weekend we met with my friends Isabel, Vicente, Roberto & Javier and they brought some big-boy-homework-books from Spain. So I have made a deal with mom and from now on I will spend every day 15 minutes doing my Spanish homework.

You see? Today I have described myself and have painted the clouds without getting out of the borders.

I love it !!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Swimming lessons

Daniel and I had so much fun this summer at the pool in Nice that we have decided to take some swimming lessons.

We really enjoy the games, the songs and the warm water too ! but, believe me, it is also a lot of work. The teacher is really nice but whenever we are distracted she takes her chance and gets our head under water. Czech kids must we very tough because Daniel because daniel and I are the only ones who seem to be pretty annoyed when she does it :-) Loads of exercise and fun so, as you can imagine, by the time it is time to go home we are are really tired... and hungry too !!!

The best of all is that we get to spend some 'mom and us' time while learning something cool and... Did you know that Adri is also in our class ??????

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Brum bruuuummmmm

Is not Christmas yet but I feel as if Santa would have just popped by for a visit. Want to know why? have a look at the video and check my new bike !

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tree Frog !

Today was the first day of school and it was a very important day... Not only because now I am in the class of the big boys (the Tree Frogs), but also because I got to see again all my friends :-)

Camille and Albert are now back from vacation so I was really happy to see them. As well, Alana, Adri, Guillermo, Caterina... They are now Cheeky Monkeys so we get to spend a lot of time together !!!

When I got back home, mom and dad a nice surprise for me. A whole schultuete full of sweets an school stuff !!! Needless to say, Manuel was trying to grab some stuff but we managed to reach an agreement :-)

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Last week mom took me to her hairdresser, Massimo. He is Italian but has been living in Prague for a while.. He has a daughter the same age as me and... Cuts the hair really great !!!

I was a bit shy in the beginning but I think we are going to become good friends. Maybe I will end up learning some Italian Si that I can talk to my friend Emma??? Massimo was definitively impressed when I said goodbye shaking his hand and saying " Ciao belloooo " :-)