Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010 !!!

I really had high expectations on New Year's Eve and, after what I have experienced tonight... I am certainly not dissapointed.

Already in the afternoon many things were going on at the pier right under our hotel window in preparation for the BIG celebration. It is a very good place because there are first line views on Hong Kong island so people started taking positions very early to see the fireworks.

I was very tired after a very busy day of sightseeing (I thought being a baby was the toughest thing but now I know that being a tourist is also very hard!) so I went to sleep early while my parents enjoyed a nice New Year's Eve dinner by the window overlooking the famous skyline. Well.... not everything is going to be about changing diapers... they also need their romantic moments !

As I am a very disciplined-half-German baby I woke up at 11.45 sharp to get ready for the countdown. It was totally worth it. The video says it all but I will just add that New Year's Eve is very special here in Hong Kong. The fireworks are very pretty but what really impressed me was to see all the people counting down and cheering while hundreds of boats honked at the bay and the lights of the buildings went on.

2009... my first year of life has been full of great experiences and I know that 2010 is just going to be even better. Certainly, I can't think of a better start.

And... tomorrow... I will wake up very early to celebrate New Year's Eve with my abuelitos and opas ! I think I really like this globalization thing.....

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