Sunday, December 27, 2009


Today I want to introduce you to some of my new friends.

Rita is a very nice girl who works at the breakfast restaurant of the hotel. She is very good also with other kids but I think she likes me most because she brings me toys and napkins, and she also strokes my face while she smiles a lot.

She told me that she has a brother with my same age so maybe one day she can bring him over and we can play together.

I like going down for breakfast every morning because I know Rita is going to be around and... she is not only kind... as you can see she is also very pretty !

And this is Alisa.

She is only 7 months old but she swims very well and we have a lot of fun playing at the pool with our matching floats.

The hotel has very nice pools but this is the one Alisa and I like the most because it is warmer than the others and has a lot of bubbles. I think they call it the "spa pool". Not sure what that means but it is very nice.

So, what do you think about Alisa's swimming glasses? I think I should ask dad to get me a pair like that !

Playing at the beach I can also make a lot of friends.

Is not as easy as in the pool because most of the time I am staying under the shadow playing with my toy but, sometimes, I manage to sneak out and go for a round to talk to people.

Everybody is so happy when I pop by ! I think Chinese people really like small kids and, of course, it also helps if you are a cutie like me :-)

Oups, I think I shouldn't say that :-)

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