Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First impressions about Hong Kong

This morning we arrived in Hong Kong quite early so, after checking into the hotel and getting a change of diaper... off we went to stroll around the city.

I don't think that Hong Kong is a particularly nice place but there is something about it that I like a lot. There loads of people on the street and many shops with shiny and beautifuls windows. I guess it is just because there is so much action everywhere... as if the city never stopped.

Maybe it is because I have just been one full week quietly at the beach but I think this place is kind of crazy ! (and it is not only because they drive on the left side of the road)

One thing that I really liked is that when, it started getting dark... the whole street was filled with lights. It is a bit like an open air disco (not that I have been to many) because of all the neon sign posts and advertisements on the streets.

Actually I am very happy to see that people in Hong Kong like lights so much because, thanks to that, we have can enjoy the best of views at night from the hotel.

We are located right at the waterfront in Kowloon island so from our room we have veeeery nice views of Hong Kong island and that "skyline" I told you about yesterday. I have to say that dad was absolutely right and I really love looking outside of the window. I think I am very lucky because... it is not very often that you can get a diaper change with such an impressive background !

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and I have heard that there are very nice fireworks to welcome the new years so, if you all behave well... I will post a video :-)

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