Saturday, December 19, 2009

A little emperor in Beijing

Last week dad had to go to Beijing for work so, as I missed him very much, mom and I joined him there to spend the weekend touring the city.

Now it is only Saturday evening and we have already done a lot of nice things. When mom and dad finished dressing me with what it felt like a million jumpers and scarves... we left the hotel and started our tour in a very big square: Tiananmen square (天安门广场).

It is very funny because, as soon as we left the taxi, I realized that I had seen that place before... on telly! It was the 60th anniversary of the Republic of China and there were many people marching down the street. I recognized it because of the portrait of the guy hanging from a very big building. Must have been a very famous guy because today there were a lot of people taking pictures of him.

Here you can see a picture of the main building @ the square with a nice couple who came over to visit from the provinces. I really liked the square but, as it was soooo cold (-10 degrees)... I made myself comfy in the stroller and went for a nap (after all, they were not all that wrong about the million jumpers and scarves!).

When I woke up I did it in a beautiful place.... I was in the middle of another big square surrounded by red buildings and a very nice and high red house. The roof had many bright colors and I think I have never seen something as beautiful as that (besides my mom, of course :-)

The place is called the Forbidden city and many Chinese kings and princesses have lived here for many years. I just was very curious about the name...maybe another child lived here at one point and they also forbid him to touch many things... like me. In any case, I was very happy to be there and had my breakfast right next to a very nice and big lion. He didn't look very friendly but, hey, I am a tough guy so I was not afraid at all.

After that we went for lunch to a very special restaurant where they cooked food the imperial way. Not that I could try it much but I also had my papilla the imperial way... seating on a golden throne ! Isn't it nice? after all... I am the little emperor at home so... couldn't expect less :-)

Now I am very tired because we have done a lot of things so I am going to put on my PJs, drink my bottle and go to dream of all those princesses and lions that lived in beautiful palaces. Tomorrow will be another day... the Great Wall awaits !

Beijing is a very big city. Not as big as Shanghai, but still... 20 million people live here !!!

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