Friday, January 1, 2010

Victoria Peak

With all the excitement of the New Year's Eve celebration I had forgotten to tell you about yesterday morning's trip to Victoria Peak.

Located in the highest point of the Hong Kong island there are breathtaking views of all the skyscrapers and the sea so off we went with our friend Willy, a colleague of mom who took us there with his car. Just the way up there was totally worth it because it felt like we were in a big Scalectrix !

When we finally made it to the top we were quite surprised because... we couldn;t see anything ! the weather was really bad and the peak is so high that we were totally surrounded by fog.

So, if you can't enjoy the view.... what can you do??? go and eat dumplings !!! is a local delicatessen here in Hong Kong so we took the chance and tried many nice and tasting ones. Even I tried the ones that were not too spicy :-)

By the time we had finished eating the weather had already cleared quite a lot so, funnily enough, when we went to the same view point... the city was just waiting in front of us ! here you can see two pictures that we took aexactly at the same point with just one hour difference.

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