Sunday, December 6, 2009

About my first tooth

Last days have been a bit difficult. My mouth was really hurting. I was trying not to cry too much (after all I am a tough boy) but I didn't know what was going on and couldn't help biting my finger... and everything that got on my way !

And.... finally.... the other day... I was playing with mom and when I gave her one my famous charming smiles... success ! she got very happy and congratulated me on my first tooth. What is that? and why do I need it for? she said that teeth were very important and they would help me eat many yummy things as big boys do.

I want to be a big boy but I think what I really don't like about the whole thing is the "plural" part of it... will I get many of these? well, I hope the next ones will behave better and won't hurt that much ! Papa was also very happy when he came home and I proudly showed him my "new acquisition". I have to say that being a baby is hard work but at least I like all the kisses and smiles I am getting for that :-)

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