Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last day in Sanya

After one week of sun, beach and biiiiiig breakfasts we are ready to say bye to Sanya. We have really had a great and relaxing time and, today, we have celebrated the last day with a nice photo session so that I can show you some of my favorite corners... are you ready? follow me !

I already told you that the hotel is right next by the beach and here you have me sitting at the garden that leads to the sea. It is a really nice spot, so green and open with the blue of the sea at the end...

I think next time we come by I will be old enough to play football with my daddy in this wonderful grass !

And this is the pool. Yesterday you saw me swimming in the spa area with my friend Alisa but, today, I went with mom to discover the rest.

It is a really big pool, with bridges and even waterfalls ! but what I like the most are the bonsais and the pink flowers.

I am sure my oma is going to like this picture a lot because I think this is one of her favorite flowers !

Last but not least.. welcome to the breakfast patio !

The food is really good and these days I have enjoyed a lot the buffet... specially because I have discovered a lot of new foodies: sweet potatoes, lotus with sesame seeds,... even dumplings with mushrooms !

Here you have me posing at the "coconut table" where every morning a guy with a very big knife cuts fresh coconuts so that people can drink the juice with a straw. Impressive, uh? I better don't get used to this because I won't be getting many of these in Shanghai !

Now I am going to bed because tomorrow is a BIG day. Yes, we are flying to Hong Kong where we will be spending New Year's Eve. Dad has told me many nice things about the city and about the high buildings (I think they call it "skyline") so I am looking forward to it. More to come !

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