Saturday, December 26, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

I know it is not a very typical way of spending Christmas as we know it in Europe but, still, ... I am having a blast.

We arrived in Hainan last Wednesday and then took a cab to Sanya, where our hotel is. We arrived a bit late so it was all dark when we made it to the hotel and I couldn't see much because, by then, I was ready for my crib.

But then, in the morning, when dad opened the curtains of the room, I saw why they call this place "the Hawai of China."

Our hotel is just in front of a beautiful long beach with white sand and turquoise water. Here you have a picture of us at the balcony of the main reception. Right now we have around 25 degrees... and not a single cloud !

So it will be no surprise to you that I try and get up really early every morning to go for a nice walk on the beach, right? Mom and dad are not that crazy about it (I would even say that they are a but cranky) but then the three of us have a lot of fun because the beach is really all ours.

Ah ! nearly forgot to say that these days I have also found a new hobby... playing with the sand !

I had never done it before and have to say that it is a lot of fun, and not only because I got new toys.... but also because daddy sits right next to me and we both make figures of sand.

Well, let's say that he makes the figures and I, of course, distroy them. Isn't it fun?

So yes, is true that we are not having snow... or christmas carrols in church... or glühwein at the Christkindlesmarkt don't you think... this will be China and I may be at the beach but, I have been such a good boy this year... that Santa came all the way here just to see me and give me a present :-)

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