Sunday, January 8, 2012

Roscon de Reyes

And looks like the Three Kings and the camels were indeed hungry and thirsty because, guess what... they finished all the biscuits and drunk all the water !!! They also left very nice presents for mom, dad, Manuel and I.

Here in the Czech Republic January 6th is not a bank holiday so dad had to go to work :-( but we still managed to have a very special breakfast: Roscon de Reyes !!!!

The Roscon is a very traditional Spanish dessert for January 6th and it has inside 2 surprises. If you find a bean then you will pay for the roscon and if you find the present then you will become a king.

This year mom did not put any of them inside (guess she was worried I would be swallowing the bean or the present) but I really did not mind because... mom baked the roscon herself so no need to pay for it and... already know Manuel and I are the kings of the house!!!

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