Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Český Krumlov

There is a lot to discover in the Czech Republic so last weekend we packed the card and went to Český Krumlov.

Český is a small town in the south of Bohemia that is well known for its famous castle and historic center, totally surrounded by the river Vltava. Not that we went for a swim to the river because it was really cold but we did wrap inside our stroller and walked up and down the little streets of the city.

Manuel and I specially enjoyed that there were many shops of artisan toys, all made of wood and painted in bright colors... well, that and the creperie !!! Adri's mom recommended the place to us and have to say that the chocolate palachynka did not disappoint at all !!!

At night we went for another stroll to watch the illumination of the city and, again, we were positively surprised. We found a nice little square with an amazing view of the castle. Do you like it?

Another plus is that the grass had plenty of snow so mom and I played nicely drawing pictures on the floor with our footprints.

Loved it :-)

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