Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 2012 !!!

By December 28 we were back to Prague because we had a very important celebration in front of us... New Years Eve !!!

Last year I enjoyed a lot with my Opas and Unkle Klaus here in Prague but this year was special... yes, because Manuel was also here to enjoy it, but also because we had a very unusual get together: some of mom & dad's friends from Pompey came over to celebrate !

They said all of them were old friends from maaaaaany years ago when they lived in the UK so I thought maybe they were old and boring or something like that but... nothing further !

Farisha & Michael stayed at home with us and was really nice because they came with their sons Danial & Noah.... they are really nice and we became good friends.

Andreas & Anne Laure stayed very close to us in Adri's place so I also made two more friends... Pierre Louis & Pauline. And Karine & Yves stayed at Alana's house with their beautiful daughter Jade.

So, yes, it a bit of a crazy house with so many people but we had a lot of fun !

We had fantastic food (of course, there were plenty of cookies and chocolate so I was a happy bunny), movies, games and fireworks.

We also went for dinner to a nice pizza place and I enjoyed a lot sharing all my toys with my new friends.

Manuel and Jade went early to bed so they missed the fireworks but I think they also had a lot of fun with so much party and all the attention they got.

Great way to end the year and now... Happy 2012 !!!

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