Monday, January 16, 2012

Vacaciones en el mar

Did you know that el abuelo y la abuela have gone for a cruise around the world? can you think of a better plan?

They started the trip celebrating New Years Eve onboard and till the begining of April they will just sail all over the world visiting the most amazing places you can think of.

Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, US, the Caribe... I won't give you more details because otherwise we can all get jealous !!!

The only downside to it is that both Manuel and I really miss talking to them, even if we still manage to get some time on Skype and mom writes many mails to them.

So, we have made up a game we play whenever we miss them. We have made a ship with Lego and we imagine we sail to beautiful places with the abuelo and the abuela !!!

Maybe if we are good boys they will take us with them for the next trip????

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