Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Daniel !!!

On Monday it was my birthday.

And, guess... how old am I???? THREEEEEEEEE

I still have those great memories of my second birthday when the abuelo and the abuela came over to Prague for the celebration so I couldn't wait for the third one. And I was not disappointed :-)

On Friday, Oma, Opa & uncle Herbert came all the way from Germany so that we could spend such a special weekend together.

I was really happy to see them but I must confess that I was even happier when I saw all the cakes and sweets they had brought with them !!! Now I was really looking forward to the celebration :-)

Saturday was a quiet day and I spent it going for a walk with Oma, Opa and Herbert. Then I had a loooong nap to charge my batteries and in the afternoon we met Fraser (the papa of my friends Jaime & Carmen). I was really happy to see him because we had not met since I was at their house in Laxe a couple of summers ago.

Then I went to bed early because I had to be rested for Sunday: the P(ARTY)-day.

And what a party ! I was celebrating with my friend Camille who also had birthday a couple of weeks ago so we organized a biiiiig party with all our friends from school.

We were really happy because nearly all of them came. I was only sad that Alana couldn't make it because she had bronchitis :-(

Hey ! what do I see in this picture? is that me trying to kiss Eva? come on mom, surely I should be allowed to have some privacy !

Then the cakes came. I knew mom and Camille's mom were planning something nice because they spent all Saturday morning in the kitchen but... what a piece of art !

They were chocolate cakes and had sweets of all colors on top of them.

There was even a train and a car ! Both Camille and I made a wish and blew the 3 candles in just one go !

I really enjoyed my cake and, considering the picture... looks like Manuel was really interested in it too !!!

And then we played... and played.... and played.... It was really a fantastic day and I was really happy to see all my friends. Of course I missed the abuela, the abuelo, Tio Kaki, Tia Fifi, Klaus, Jessi and Marcel but I also realize that I am really lucky to have such good friends here in Prague.

Thank you guys :-)

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