Friday, October 2, 2009

A day in Century Park

Yesterday was raining a lot but today was beautiful and we spent the day in Century Park. It is the biggest park in Shanghai and we are very lucky because it is just a 5 minutes walk from home.

There is a very big lake with rowing boats, an amusement park, fields with sunflowers and many nice ponds with bridges and "nenufares". I really wanted to take one of the boats but I can't row yet so daddy has promised to row me around one day before it gets too cold :-)

As this is a vacation week there were maaaaany people in the park. A lot of families brought their lunch and had picnics sitting on the grass with blankets, a bit like the Spanish way but... without tortilla !!! It is funny because many of them had camping tends with them and I suspect that after lunch they went inside for a little siesta... not bad , uh?

Inside the park we found a great bonsai exhibition. In the begging I didn't know what a bonsai was but I was very happy because it was the first time I had seen trees as tall as me. I really liked them and I think we are going to get one for home so that I can take care of it.

At the bonsai garden we met a beautiful Chinese lady who was posing for pictures dressed in traditional clothes. She was very pretty and I liked her dress very much.

I think it is very common here for people to spend a whole day going to different places of the city and taking professional pictures with traditional clothes. Mom and I really want to do it too... wouldn't be fun to have cool pictures like this one?

Somehow I think that we will have to work hard on dad to convince him ...

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