Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Celebrating China

Today is the National Day and China celebrates 60 years of PRC's founding (People Republic of China). As I dictate this blog to my mom, I am watching the Tiananmen Square's parade from Beijing in telly. I am really enjoying it because there are a lot of bright colours, music, and people marching down the square. I think my abuelo would have also enjoyed it because there were many soldiers, planes and tanks too ! "This is a proud day for the nation and the world"... people in telly are saying a lot of very nice things about the country so I am sure that Chinese will feel very happy and proud. I just heard that there were more than 100.000 people participating in the non-military parade only ! wow, that's a lot of people...

Yesterday we could also see beautiful fireworks from the balcony.... and they lasted more than an hour ! People were stopping their cars on the road to see them so there was a bit of chaos but they were really pretty (and loud).

This week China is also celebrating the Moon Festival, when family and friends gets together to look at the full moon and eat the traditional mooncakes (in the picture). I have not tried yet the mooncakes but they look really cool. I think I will try one next year when I have my brand new teeth.

And this is all from Danielcito, broadcasting from Shanghai. On Sunday we are going to Thailand for a well deserved vacation. I will go now and start packing my swimming diapers !

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