Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bye bye Thailand

Today is our last vacation day so I wanted to make a special blog post about it. I spent a lot of time at breakfast this morning thinking about all the things I wanted to tell you.

I have really enjoyed Thailand... the hotel was great, the beach, my long swims at the pool... but what I have enjoyed the most is spending so much time with mom and dad.

Now, as I look at the sea through the window while I tell mom what to write... I can only look forward to the next vacation.

But don't you think that all has been laying down and relaxing... there has been a lot of hard work involved ! I have done many things for the first time during this week:
  • Now I can crawl not only backwards... but also forward ! (quite useful when you try to reach for the webcam)
  • I have also learned how to pull myself up and stand in my crib. I was really happy about it but I don't think mom and dad appreciate this milestone that much.
And it doesn't end here.... this afternoon during a coffee break I even grabbed a croissant! Was so yummy that I hope my parents will take me soon to Paris to try some more. Maybe I can go to Fauchon to taste the almonds one my abuela likes so much :-)

So, this is all from Thailand. Tomorrow we will take a very early flight to go back to Shanghai, but I am not sad... because on Monday I will be able to play with my friend Shelly again.

I hope you have enjoyed my posts and, to close this chapter I add here a very nice picture of the 3 of us at the beach.

Don't we look good?


  1. ¡Menudos avances ha hecho Daniel, el viajero! Me parto con lo de gatear hacia delante y hacia detrás ¡Preparaos que este chico promete! Besos. Cecilia

  2. Da gusto veros...(sobre todo a tí, pequeño suertudo). ¡Qué envidia! Besos desde España. Elena