Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kata Beach

Right in front of our room there is a beautiful beach.

White sand, blue warm water and some fishes too! Now that I know how to swim I would love to go into the water and play with the waves but it is monsoon time here and there are strong currents... I am pretty sure it would be ok because I can move my legs pretty fast but I don't want my parents to be worried so I just do what they say and stay close to them like a good boy :-)

Every day we go for walks on the beach and mom takes me with her in the sling so that I don't get too tired but, ey, don’t you think that I am a lazy boy… I also do some exercise and walk around to play with the waves!

It is a pity that we can't go and swim at the beach but the good thing is that the waves are pretty big so I enjoy a lot looking at them from our room and also from the pool.

Sometimes there are surfers and I really think they are very cool. Maybe one day I can also be like them.

As a start I already have a surf outfit so I look a bit like them and I think girls like it too because... they look at me quite a lot every time I wear it!

1 comment:

  1. pero que guapos los dos!!!!! y que mayor esta daniel!!!!
    se ve que estais disfrutando un monton!!! me alegro muchoooo!!!!
    un besazo enorme para los tres