Friday, September 25, 2009


Hello again,

I really love living in Shanghai but one of the things I miss the most is spending time with my family in Spain and Germany. So... every time I have a chance... I talk to them on Skype ! I really like doing that and not only because I love grabbing the camera and biting the cable... but also because I can show them my new life here and all the many things that I am learning.

Last weekend we had a lot of fun because I could talk to all of them at the same time ! Oma, opa, el abuelo, la abuela... we laughed a lot because daddy was playing with me and mom helped me walk on top of the bed. I think they were really impressed with my newly acquired skills and now they all think that I am a BIG boy. Of course, having 2 cameras and 2 cables to grab was also a plus :-)

And I am a big boy indeed... if you don't believe me watch me with my new toy ! I really love it... has a lot of buttons and, when I touch them,... they make a lot of noise so I am not sure my parents like it so much after all. But I do. I think the bike also has wheels so very soon I will send you a picture of me riding it at the park. I bet you won't be able to catch me !

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