Thursday, September 17, 2009

Work hard.... play hard !

Today I have gone to the playground for the first time. There is a big pool full of plastic balls with many colors. I was kicking all of them but mom and Shelly wouldn't let me eat them....

I also played with 2 new friends.... both girls ! One of them is Chinese and the other one is American like me. Her parents live in our same building so I think we are are going to see each other again.

And.... don't you think I look cute with my Bayern jacket? In reality I support Deportivo but daddy is so happy every time I wear it... and... is a present from my friend Leo in Neumarkt ! so I think this winter I will wear it a lot.

I think mom and dad are planning a lot of cool stuff for this weekend so I'll keep you posted !

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  1. Vas a hacer estragos en Shanghai. Aqui llega Daniel, el terror de las nenas...