Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yu Gardens

Yesterday was a great day ! My parents wanted to sleep but I decided to wake them up very early :-) and we went to a beautiful place in the old part of Shanghai.

Yuyuan Garden, 豫園, ("Peaceful Garden") was built already 400 years ago and it looks very traditional with nice old houses, pretty trees and many small ponds... with a lot of orange fishes ! In the end I think my parents were even thankful that I took them there so early because by 9.30am the place was already full with tourists ! It was not very peaceful with so many people but, still, I managed to have my 9am nap in mommy's sling.

We also had a lot of fun when we left the garden because right next to it there is a veeeeery big traditional bazaar with many many shops. You can find a lot of nice things ! Chinese clothes, paintings, tea, jade figures, local sweets... and three Starbucks ! (for a moment I thought I was back in Mount Kisco :-) I also so very nice dragons made of paper with a lot of colors and I already said that I want one for my room.

When we went home a truck arrived and I started to see many boxes in the house. For a moment I did not know what was happening and I was a bit sad because I though we were leaving... but then mami and dad explained that the rest of our things from the US had arrived. Good..... now I have all my diapers with me !

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  1. Caray Danielcito, estás para comerte con patatas... calro que no se si se comen muchas patatas en sahngai, pero no importa, porque cuando vaya, ya te comeré con el condimento típico de la zona, que por otro lado veo que te encantan... Un beso enorme a los tres chinitos ;). Carmen