Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trip to Xinchang

On Saturday morning, after a 40 minutes nap in the car, we arrived to Xinchang. In the begining it looked like any other city but, suddenly, we were in the middle of a very old and authentic water village. There are several canals that run through the town and stone bridges that cross it. Next to the water there are very old houses.

I think we were the only tourists and, as we walked through the streets, people got out of the houses and threw curious looks to us but then, when we said "Ni Hao" (hola) to them... they started smiling a lot ! Was very funny because generally we are the ones taking pictures and looking at things but I think this time we were the center of attention ! This is a picture of a friend of mine and his granny. She was very nice and came out of the house so that we could play together a bit.

For lunch my parents took me to a very nice and old tea house by the canal. They had a green tea and a lot of nice things to nibble (nuts, fruit, dumplings, nuddles with green things, sweets,...). Daddy didn't like the tea (he was making funny faces like when he drinks anis) but I think they enjoyed the lunch very much. I just ate my "papilla" and couldn't try any of the local goodies but at least they let me practice a bit with the sticks !

Here you have a picture of me and dad at the tea house. Isn't the red balloon nice? I tried to grab it several times but I wouldn't reach :-(

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