Sunday, January 30, 2011

Art lesson

Had I told you already that in January I started going to the kindergarten?

Even if the first days I cried a bit (not a bad trick if you want to get some extra cuddles :-) I have a lot of fun every day !

We do a lot of different things... sing, dance, read, play outside with the snow... but last Tuesday was really great because they covered us with plastic aprons and.... off we went to do some painting ! But, hey, not just any kind of painting.... fine painting !

Mom and dad were really proud when I took home my first masterpiece and I was really happy because I made a total mess and had painting up to my ears :-)

Have to say that Kindergarten sounded a bit scary in the beginning but now I think that it is really cool. Can't wait to tell you all the things I do there... and about my new friends: Adriana, Kerian, Cis, Camille,...

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