Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prague: so much to discover !

It is cold... very cold.... definitively Prague is no city for sissys but, as you know, I am a tough guy.

And that means that whenever I have a chance I put on my woollies, jump into the stroller and off I go to face new adventures with mom and dad !

So far I can report that Prague is proving to be more than exciting. I am not surprised that it is the second city most visited in Europe ! (yes, for those curious enough.... Paris is the first one :-)

The city center is really really nice though it can get very crowded with tourist. Anyway, I am a local now so I am taking it step by step and discovering the hidden corners.

I will soon tell you more things about my favorite spots but i can already advance that the main square (Staroměstské náměstí) is just GREAT !

And... you know what? mom and dad have told me that during the coming days I will have the chance to do some extra sightseeing... will that be a clue? will I have some visitors? mmmm, I will tell you soon !

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