Monday, February 7, 2011

3 Gallos in Pirk

I already told you guys that I missed Shanghai a lot but, lately I am also realizing that living in Prague has many advantages. One of them is that now that we are in Europe I get to see the Opas and the Abuelos much more often !

For example, last Saturday we just took the car for an hour and a half and (bbbbrrruuuummmm bbbrrruuummmm) we went to spend the day in Pirk with the Opas and uncle Herbert. We had so much fun !

So, what is Pirk? a very special place! This is the village where my great-grandparents lived maaaaany years ago. Actually, Oma and Opa also lived there when they got married so it was also papa's house for a while. He has told me so many stories about how he used to play with his brothers in the garden with their wood swords !

As you can see this place has a lot of history and I am now very happy to be part of it ! You see? here you have a picture of 3 Gallo generations in front of the house.

But that was not all.... we also went for a walk... visited a neighbor and.... guess what that neighbor has in the barn..... COWS !!!! I am generally a brave guy but I have to confess that this time I was afraid (well, only a tiny bit :-) You can only imagine when dad opened the door and I saw all those guys staring at me saying MMMMUUUUUUU at the same time.

Freaked out a bit but I think next time I will go back and talk to them a bit. In the end of the day, they produce my very much loved milk so I am sure they must be good !

Ah ! mom has also told me that in the forest next to the house you can find the best Eierschwammerl in the world ! Actually I think Opa and dad have this kind of battle between them to see who picks up more of them but... what they don't know.... is that now thay have tough competition and I am going to beat them up ! Can't wait till summer arrives :-)

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